Striving for everyone to leave education internationally competent

Striving for everyone to leave education internationally competent

The European and Dutch Governments ambition is that in the long term at least three quarters of young Dutch citizens will speak two foreign languages ​​at B1 level by 2030. The Dutch Education Council states that this is very ambitious, but feasible. To this end, measures must be taken, particularly in primary and secondary vocational education. The Council recommends that an ambitious final level of English be set for primary school and that a cross-sector English course be developed from thereon. Other languages ​​are also important, but their provision  can be implemented in a more flexible way. German or French could also be introduced in primary school. The Council warns that a focus on English as a foreign language should not lead to a one-sided focus on Britain and the United States. Knowledge of other countries and cultures is also important. (Internationalization with Ambition, 2016)

And the plans of the Education Council totally work.

While students who start learning (English) from group 7 mostly leave primary school with an A1/A2 level (1F/2F in the frame of reference), children who are being taught English already in group 1 will leave elementary school with a B1/B2 level (3F/4F).

In the upcoming years the exit level of elementary students will settle down more in the range of B2 (4F), when children who started learning English in group 1 in the school year 2016/2017 will be examined at the end of group 8 in 2023/2024.

Living Languages Magazine Yearly number 18, number 2, 2017

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