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Raise children who read for fun.

Our strong believe is that there is no such thing as reluctant readers, only very boring books.
Often the books or readers do not meet the child’s level. They are either too simple or too difficult to read.

We offer anything from picture books for children who cannot read yet, phonic readers for children who start to read and
graded readers for children at their different stages of language acquisition.

The stories are about children’s favorite TV characters or content-based readers about topics that interests children most.

Make yourself comfortable and browse through our ESL (English as Second Language) catalogue.

ESL Reader Catalogue 2018-2019

Wij leren… Rekentaal
Rekenen CITO 1
Emma C. Toussaint
1st edition / 2017
Pages: 40
ISBN: 978 908 274 9205
Order number: 2-2-1002

Wij leren …. Rekentaal 1 – book

This book includes all the subjects and mathematical vocabulary  that children of group 1 have to know by the end of the school year. The book contains many nice illustrations and very creative tasks. Children enjoy to work in this book.This book is for Dutch parents who like to revise the school curriculum with their kids. It is also for Expat parents who need or wish to give their children an additional support besides school.Vocabulary and sentences are translated into English. This makes it easy for Non-Dutch parents to work with this book.

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Nederlands in gang
Berna de Boer
3rd edition / 2017
Pages: 318
ISBN: 978 904 690 5609
Order number: 2-1-1001

Nederlands in gang – book

Nederlands in gang is a beginners method Dutch for highly educated students. The student learns quickly to communicate in Dutch and to understand the essence of texts. In this communicative total method the emphasis is on the use of language in the daily life of highly educated studying or working adults. Nederlands in gang (Dutch in motion) brings the students to level A2 of the European Reference Framework (CEFR).

In eighteen chapters the basis of Dutch is explained in a varied way. All language skills are trained: speaking, listening, reading and writing are discussed extensively.  The lifelike dialogues are based on everyday situations, and the image and sound fragments are contemporary. Nederlands in gang is characterized by its user-friendly presentation of grammar and its explicit attention to vocabulary acquisition, with appealing assignments, active working methods and reflection exercises for course participants.

On the accompanying website, in addition to the audio and visual material, a wealth of additional exercises and word lists can be found. For teachers there are also tests and a manual with tips and additional material.

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Nederlands in actie
Berna de Boer
3rd edition / 2012
Pages: 287
ISBN: 978 904 690 2981
Order number: 2-1-1002

Nederlands in actie – book

Nederlands in actie is a total NT2 method for highly educated people, from level A2 to B1. Every chapter deals with all skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. In addition, attention is paid to the expansion of vocabulary and grammar knowledge. For all components the emphasis is on the active use of the language in meaningful situations..

The book contains eight chapters, each with its own theme. These include: work, study and leisure, travel, feelings, education, foreigners in the Netherlands, relationships, and economy and art. The authors present the subject matter in a varied way with recognizable texts and image fragments from everyday life, appealing assignments and active working methods. At the end of each chapter there are questions with which the student can test his skills.

This publication is linked to a website with a lot of additional study material, including visual and audio excerpts texts, spoken reading texts and vocabulary from the book, extra assignments and lists of common words. Teachers can request a manual and tests.

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Nederlands op niveau
Berna de Boer
2nd edition / 2015
Pages: 312
ISBN: 978 904 690 4411
Order number: 2-1-1003

Nederlands op niveau – book

Nederlands op niveau is a total Dutch method for highly educated students. The edition brings students from level B1 to level B2. The chapters are based on cultural and current themes. Every chapter deals with all skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. In addition, attention is paid to expanding the vocabulary and grammatical correctness. The emphasis is always on active use of the language in meaningful situations. Dutch culture and history are also discussed, because they are closely related to the language.

The authors have ensured that the subject matter is presented in a very varied way. There are surprising texts and image fragments with appealing assignments and active working methods. In addition, the book includes assignments and tips with which the students can prepare for the State Examination NT II.

The book has a comprehensive website with, among other things, image fragments, audio fragments, songs, spoken reading texts and vocabulary, grammar, preposition and vocabulary exercises and exercises with irregular verbs and specific state exam assignments. Also included are transcripts of the listening material and frequency lists for the autonomous learner.

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We learn… Dutch A0
Emma C. Toussaint
1st edition / 2017
Pages: 74
Order number: 2-2-1003

We learn… Dutch – book

We learn Dutch A0 is a great study book for a first introduction to the Dutch language. It includes nice illustration that describe vocabularies, and very light grammatical structures. This book has plenty of educative assignments. Children enjoy working with this book. It encourages speaking time and ramping up of vocabulary. This book is available in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German.

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Wij leren… Nederlands
Author: Emma C. Toussaint
Publisher: eLoquia24
Pages: 100
ISBN: 978 908 274 9205
Order number: 2-2-1001

Wij leren nederlands – book

Wij leren… Nederlands A1 Grammar is a great reference book for learners at an A1 CEFR language level. The book is suitable as parallel supplementary material as well as for individual study.

It contains all  grammatical topics  required of the A1 CEFR level. Each topic is described  and structured clearly:

* A Dutch description of the grammatical rules
* An illustrated explanation of the grammatical rules
* Exceptions to the rules you need to know for your A1 certificate
* Examples of sentence structures and usage

Euro 19,95

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Nederlands naar perfectie
Emily Palmer
1st edition / 2015
Pages: 316
ISBN: 978 904 690 4527
Order number: 2-1-1004

Nederlands naar perfectie – book

Nederlands naar perfectie is a total Dutch method for highly educated students. The publication brings students from level B2 to level C1. The eight chapters have been set up around a wide range of scientific themes.

In addition to reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, a lot of attention  is paid to expanding the vocabulary. Students become acquainted with the subtleties of language and with typical academic language.

The focus is on popular scientific texts and image fragments, but the book  also offers assignments on sketches, songs and columns. Some difficult grammar issues are tackled. In addition, students using Nederlands naar perfectie find many opportunities to become more proficient in the contexts of study and employment, with sections on giving a presentation or writing an argument , for example.

The book is associated with an extensive website with image and audio fragments, word lists and exercises on vocabulary, grammar, prepositions and pronunciation. A digital teacher’s guide with tips and suggestions is available.

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