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Greetings! We’re so happy that you are connecting to IN.lingo • School of Languages. I’d like to take a moment to share with you our mission and give you some idea of what you can expect during your learning journey.

IN.lingo was founded in 2012 under Kid’s Language School B.V. Our goal was two folded, to teach Dutch children languages at a very early age. Secondly we gave bilingual / native kids in the Netherlands room and space to develop their second, third or fourth language. Soon we started our first Dutch lessons for parents. In 2015, the management of IN.lingo has decided to fully change the business name to IN.lingo meeting both – children and adult programs.

We work with highly motivated and experienced teachers who love languages and have a passion for teaching. Our classes are not stressful. The mood and atmosphere are friendly and relaxed.

Don’t imagine yourself sitting still and simply memorizing vocabulary and rules. That would be too boring. Your class will involve lots of educational games, speaking with other students, working with partners and in groups. Our teachers also like to incorporate various media into the lessons.

But we take your Language studies very seriously. Behind the fun and laughs are very real scientific methods of language teaching. We have spent time developing a curriculum that will move your language skills forward quickly. And when you move to a higher level you will see that there is a logical connection between the levels. Each level builds on the one before.

We’re very proud of the program that we have built at IN.lingo. And we can’t wait to help you build your language skills profoundly.

So, bring yourself to IN.lingo. Then let IN.lingo bring the new world of languages to you!

Debbie Knoller

Our team

Meet our lovely growing team.

Debbie Knoller
Debbie KnollerDirector IN.lingo
Nels Bijl
Nels BijlNT2 teacher
Paul Phillips
Paul PhillipsEnglish teacher
Wanda Ruch
Wanda RuchGerman teacher
Nanja Ruiter
Nanja RuiterNT2 teacher
Bisma Malik
Bisma MalikEnglish & Dutch teacher
Paula Kokke
Paula KokkeNT2 teacher