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Languages for children
from 3 years old

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Level 1 

Provides a language foundation to children who have no prior knowledge of the language or who don’t know how to read and write yet. It is recommended for young nursery children.


Level 2 

Explains vocabulary and grammar in line with the Cambridge English: Young Learners Starters Exam. Level 2 materials are commonly used as course starters from group 3. Learners need to have some knowledge of reading and writing and to have some familiarity with the language.


Level 3 

Extends the language presented in previous levels in line with Cambridge English: Young Learners Movers Exam.


Level 4 

Introduces more complex language structures in line with Cambridge English: Young Learners Flyers Exam.


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Highly motivating materials

Student’s books
Pre-school up to group 5

Pre-school up to group 5

We make learning languages fun for each age group.
While children from 3 to 9 years learn with highly illustrative and appealing materials and games,
children from group 6 onwards learn with up-to-date materials for 21
st century learners of Generation Z and Alpha.

Student’s books
Grammar books
from group 6

21st Century Learners Generation Z and Alpha

How today’s children learn?

Our children are part of Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Generation Z are today’s elementary school students in group 4 to 8.

Today’s teachers and publishers have to bridge the gap between their classical and structured way of learning and today’s children who learn by multi-tasking, at a fast pace and through collaboration.

Our materials from group 6 onwards are built on Generation Z learning behaviors; they are very visual and encourage collaboration.

In-context explanation of grammatical structures

Visual presentation
of vocabulary

Languages at IN.lingo and at school

IN.lingo School of Languages cooperates with many schools in Amsterdam and the Bollenstreek area. We support schools and parents in fulfilling the Dutch governmental guidelines on internationalizing primary education.
In our Dutch School program, we support Expat children to improve their Dutch so as to compete equally with their Dutch friends at school.

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Why learn a second language at an early age?

Children who hear and speaks a second or third language from birth have a clear advantage over monolingual children. As the neural system of bilingual children develops, their brain also learns how to learn a new language. The learn grammatical structures and can apply them without thinking about them.

The earlier a monolingual child is exposed to a bilingual environment, the more she can make us of those neural skills to adapt to new languages.

IN.lingo exposes bilingual and monolingual children to the new language in a playful and engaging practical way. We play and have fun… just in another language.

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