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English for teachers

We give you the correct tools at hand which will enable you to make your lessons engaging, fun and on a level that will get your students beyond day-to-day basic English. We practice grammar, enrich your range of vocabulary and train yourself on English pronunciation.

In short we give you all confidence to give English lessons whether in group 1 or group 8.

ESL Teaching Methods

English as a Second Language students are a very demanding audience. We help you to become a great ESL teacher who knows the ESL curriculum and how to unlock the potentials of your students. You will practically learn to adapt the teaching methods of Total Physical Response (TPR) and Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) which are aimed at storing the syllabus in deeper layers of the student’s brain.

ESL Teaching Materials

We have a broad range of teaching materials, graded readers and educational games for all age groups and levels. All materials support the CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and help you bring your students to an internationally competitive level.

We help you to make the right choices and let you try materials in your classroom before any purchase.

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